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Word Count Reduction

The main concern related to publication in journals (particularly top-tier journals) is the word count of your manuscript, or at least, some of its components. High-impact-factor journals are notorious for rejecting manuscripts outright only because their word count was exceeding the journals standard limit. A reason for these journals to follow this stringent policy is that they need to include as many as articles reporting the latest research as they can. In addition, some other publishing avenues (universities, conferences, etc.) may impose word count limits.

However, don’t worry, our word count reduction service has got you covered!

This service aims to help you reach the expected word count by eliminating unnecessary words and phrases.

We ensure that the essence of your work (or, even your writing style) is retained, along with your intended meaning.

To avoid any possible meaning changes and loss of content, we provide suggestions through comments, if required.


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