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Difference between Editing and Proofreading

Most of us often get confused between editing and proofreading. It is important to know this difference, particularly for researchers, scientists, and PhD students. A lack of clarity in this topic may lead to hiring the wrong service for a research manuscript or thesis.

For instance, many PhD students aren’t sure about the services (editing or proofreading) they should avail for their research manuscript or thesis. They often consider these two terms to mean the same. However, they are two separate terms.

To clarify the difference, ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you wish to improve the style and flow of your writing?
  • Do you intend to ensure that your commas are in the right place?

Before publication, your document must be edited and proofread, at least once. You need to understand that an Editor or an English editing service provider is hired when your motive is to refine your research paper for language, grammar, and content.

An Editor

  • Improves the overall quality and flow of your writing.
  • Rewrites sentences or paragraphs whenever needed.
  • Ensures that your manuscript makes sense to the readers.
  • Eliminates the obvious language errors.

The main goal of the editor is to clear any ambiguity present in your research paper and ensure that the manuscript conveys the message clearly to your target audience.

A Proofreader or an English proofreading service provider is generally required for a well-written paper. The proofreader will go through the text of the research paper to ensure that there are zero typographical and obvious errors in your manuscript.

A Proofreader

  • Eliminates any spelling, typographical, and punctuation errors.
  • Checks the style of English used (American/British English) and ensures that it is consistently maintained.

For those who need a second opinion on their written manuscripts when it comes to English language, it is advisable to seek assistance from companies that provide English Editing and Proofreading Services. These companies have a team of dedicated well-qualified English editors and proofreaders who support you by correcting your paper for vocabulary, grammar, style, and content.

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