Publication Support

Publishing research is a long and complicated process. Multiple factors contribute to the selection and subsequent publication of any research manuscript by the target journal after submission. Our work starts where your research ends. With our publication support package, you can be free of the vexatious task of managing the submission and publication processes. We endeavor to manage the entire process with minimal hassles for you, using our years of experience in dealing with the leading academic journals.

In our attempt to help researchers in sharing their research with the world, we offer several value-added Publication Support Services. These services include:

  • Formatting
  • Journal Selection
  • Formatting and Submission
  • Artwork Editing
  • Plagiarism Reduction
  • Word Count Reduction

Formatting: Our publication experts will ensure that your manuscript and references are formatted according to the guidelines and style guide of your target journal. We focus on the small details so that you can focus on the big picture.

Journal Selection: Selecting the right journal is critical to ensure that your paper gets published. Papers are often rejected because the research topic is beyond the scope of the journal or is aimed at a different target audience. After analyzing the research manuscript, we list 6 best-suited journals for your manuscript and prepare a report listing the pros and cons of submitting to each. By submitting to journals that is best-suited for your paper, you can avoid unnecessary rejection.

We have listed below some of the points that our experts analyze.

  • Scope of the journal (does it match your paper?)
  • Your specifications
  • Impact factor (indicates how often the articles from a journal are cited)
  • Target readership
  • Type of manuscript (original research or review?)
  • Visibility of the journal in related literature

Formatting and Submission: The process of submitting your manuscript to a journal is complicated and time-consuming. We know what journals expect. Simply send us your manuscript with all the necessary information, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our publication experts understand the technical requirements for submission. In the submission process, they will

  • Format the manuscript in accordance with journal guidelines.
  • Recommend additional services pre- and post-submission, as required.
  • Draft a cover letter to the journal.
  • Create a journal account for you and complete the entire submission process.

Artwork Editing Service: Journals have specific requirements when it comes to artwork, mainly because its appearance is generally crucial to understand the outcomes of the presented research or review. Most journals have different avenues and methods of publishing the same artwork; for instance, some journals publish a high-resolution artwork, with larger dimensions, only on the web, whereas the print edition generally includes a more compressed version of the same. The clarity of the image can thus be a determinant of successful publication in a journal.

This is where you will need our Artwork Editing Service!

Under this service, we strive to manipulate the resolution, color requirements, dimensions, file size, text, panels, format, line weights, bit depth, and compression of your artwork as per your target journal requirements.

Plagiarism Reduction Service: The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes plagiarism as “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.” In other words, copying from a source without an appropriate citation can be considered plagiarism. Various factors can lead to plagiarism and these must be identified and resolved before even sending your document for publication. Journals have stringent rules against plagiarism and have several in-house software to identify it. Sometimes, these are integrated to their submission portals, making the upload of your document impossible. Furthermore, other publication avenues (dissertations, theses, conference proceedings, etc.) do not appreciate it either. Also, plagiarism is a federal crime in several countries.

We are here to help!

Our Plagiarism Reduction Service aims at making your document as plagiarism-free as possible. For plagiarism analyses, we use PlagScan©, a trusted software, which specifically measures the quality of the text by testing the originality of a document.

We offer this service in three modules:

1) Plagiarism Analysis

  • What we provide: A plagiarism report produced using PlagScan©.
  • How does it help you: This report will predict the percentage of plagiarized content in your original document.

2) Plagiarism Reduction

  • What we provide: Plagiarized content percentage reduction + post-reduction plagiarism report
  • How does it help you: Here we will require you to provide the original plagiarism report. Based on the percentage in this report, we will reduce the plagiarized content through paraphrasing and other suggestions, while retaining your presentation. The final post-reduction plagiarism report will be a PlagScan© report indicating the final percentage of plagiarized content (after us working on it).

3) Plagiarism Analysis and Reduction

  • What we provide: Pre- and post-reduction plagiarism reports + plagiarized content percentage reduction
  • How does it help you: This is the complete package; we will have you covered from the start to the finish, with regard to plagiarism reduction. This module includes pre- and post-reduction plagiarism analyses, along with the reduction service.

Our plagiarism reduction mainly involves paraphrasing. However, citation of appropriate sources will be required for eliminating plagiarism completely. We will try our best to indicate such instances; nevertheless, originally citing all applicable sources will ensure clarity from the beginning.

Word Count Reduction Service: A main concern related to publication in journals (particularly top-tier journals) is the word count of your manuscript, or at least, some of its components. High-impact-factor journals are notorious for rejecting manuscripts outright only because their word count was exceeding the journals standard limit. A reason for these journals to follow this stringent policy is that they need to include as many as articles reporting latest research as they can. In addition, some other publishing avenues (universities, conferences, etc.) may impose word count limits.

However, don’t worry, our word count reduction service has got you covered!
This service aims to help you reach the expected word count by eliminating unnecessary words and phrases. We ensure that the essence of your work (or, even your writing style) is retained, along with your intended meaning. To avoid any possible meaning changes and loss of content, we provide suggestions through comments, if required.


Journal Selection Service:     INR6000/research paper

Formatting Service:              INR3000/research paper (upto 10000 words)

Journal Submission Service:  INR6000/research paper (upto 10000 words)